Coalition against BAYER Dangers
Monsanto-Bayer merger: Protest against grave threat for global food security
extract from Currenta/Bayer “hidden object book”
Claimant Felicitas Rohrer speaking at BAYER shareholder meeting
success: Bayer quits MIC production
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Stop the Bayer-Monsanto mega merger
Site of Campaigne here

Press release 19 July 2016:
MONSANTO Acquisition- BAYER’s arguments unconvincing

Press Conference 27 June 2016:
Opposing the BAYER and Monsanto Merger - The fight for a GM-free agriculture must be strengthened

22 June 2016
Press Conference, Invitation: Bayer-Monsanto merger must be blocked

Tax Dodging, Irresponsible Marketing:
Coalition introduces countermotions to Bayer ASM

"Dream Production:"
Eco-swindle rather than Sustainability

Propaganda in public schools and kindergartens

BAYER sued in Germany over contraceptive pill

EU must completely revoke licence!

Cipro, Avelox:
FDA Panel Says Fluoroquinolones Need Stronger Warnings

National Geographic:
Halt Cooperation with BAYER!

Bhopal sister plant:
BAYER pays $5.8 million over deadly blast; article Down to Earth Magazine

Coalition fears lowering of plant safety and job losses

Plastic Pollution:
Coalition demands Microplastic Ban

Tax-dodging at expense of taxpayers and municipalities

Bayer Shareholder Meeting: Photos and Reports of Protests

100 years of chemical warfare:
BAYER still refuses to take responsibility

Toronto Star picks up our campaign

"Bhopal sister plant" sold to Union Carbide

BAYER libel action dismissed:
Victory for Bees and Freedom of Speech