Coalition against BAYER Dangers
Claimant Felicitas Rohrer speaking at BAYER shareholder meeting
Bayer victim Todd Smith
success: Bayer quits MIC production
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Press Release: BAYER pays $5.8 million over deadly blast at Bhopal sister plant; article Down to Earth Magazine

Yaz/Yasmin: Germany Sees First Contraceptives Lawsuit against BAYER

Covestro: Coalition fears lowering of plant safety and job losses

Plastic Pollution: Coalition demands Microplastic Ban

=> Tax-dodging at expense of taxpayers and municipalities

Bayer Shareholder Meeting: Photos and Reports of Protests

100 years of chemical warfare:
=> BAYER still refuses to take responsibility
=> Toronto Star picks up our campaign

BAYER: "Bhopal sister plant" sold to Union Carbide

BAYER libel action dismissed: Victory for Bees and Freedom of Speech

Primodos: UK Regulators Prepare for Review of 'Forgotten Thalidomide'

"Chemical industry on the wrong track": Coalition criticizes new BAYER plant

Carl Duisberg: Streets to be renamed / Duisberg responsible for chemical warfare and forced labour

Nobel Peace Prize for Kailash Satyarthi: Monsanto, Bayer benefited from Child Labour

Fake Advertising in Social Media: Criminal Proceedings Demanded

Thirty Years of Bhopal
=> Interview: "It is getting worse and worse"
=> Novel about explosion at Bhopal "sister plant" in US

Interview with Prof. Peter Gøtzsche: "Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime"

Trasylol: Documentary in Australian TV about deadly drug

Vitamins: "BAYER marketing irresponsible", charge against BAYER in the US

BAYER to sell plastics division: Coalition fears lowering of plant safety and job losses

BAYER GM Soy: Usage of toxic pesticides will increase

Primodos: Prime Minister to meet with MP over pregnancy drug claims

GMO ballot: Oregon Counties Beating Monsanto and Bayer

BAYER ASM: Countermotions, photos, articles

Essure Birth Control: Interview with Erin Brockovich

World War I: "BAYER not recognizing responsibility"

Protests against Carbon Monoxide Pipeline

Brazil Stops Cultivation of Bayer’s GM Maize

Coalition seriously at risk: Please support our campaign

150 years of Bayer: "Dark Side of Company History ignored"

5 years after BAYER explosion: West Virginia still ignores plan for tougher chemical oversight

IG Farben in the US: "The spying Scotsman who hunted the Nazis of New York"

MS drug Alemtuzumab: 29,000 Times the Price of Gold

GMOs: BAYER holds more patents than MONSANTO

Xarelto faces stepped-up reports of side effects, deaths

$74 million: Bayer in settlement over Cipro pricing

Bee Decline: Letter to President Obama Urging Suspension of Neonicotinoid Pesticides

Yaz: BAYER pills linked to 23 deaths in Canada

Social and Environmental Damages: Coal Imports from Russia, Colombia, China and the US

Press Release: Alternatives to animal experiments demanded

Bayer Shareholder Meeting
=> Coalition introduces Countermotions
=> Primodos victims from UK demand apology

XARELTO: New Bayer Anticoagulant under Fire

India: Useless "Bayer`s Tonic" still on the Market

TDI: Approval for Controversial Bayer Plant

Bee deaths: Syngenta and Bayer's furious lobbying

Baycol: BAYER Sentenced To Pay Compensation

Pesticides: Coalition publishes leaflet Save the Bees

India: Bayer plea on cancer drug dismissed

Todd Smith has died / Hemophiliacs infected by Bayer products

US elections: BAYER donates to Republicans and Tea Party

Novartis, Bayer: Pharma majors named in Indian trial death list